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I take pride in providing excellent tailored aesthetic services. Services are catered to your skin type, occasion and most importantly your vision. You should feel like your makeup is an extension of how you present yourself to the world.

Quality products are used throughout the process. Brushes are sanitized with a 99% alcohol solution prior to any appointment.

Brushes and lashes are available for purchase with or without an appointment.

A style for every story....



New Palettes, Lippies, Liner and Highlighters Drop 

Dec 1, 2019

Order NOW!

Proserpina, Oshun

Themis, Astraea

Enyo, Calypso, Aegle, Selene, Anari

Flora, Theia, Eos

Goddess Wings

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Launch Party Love


Looks for a Cause!

Sometimes a event in life happens to you or people around you and you just want to show solidarity and support.

Domestic Violence Look

Being a survivor and knowing others this was important to me.

Breast Cancer Awareness Look

We all know someone who have survived or died.  My contribution to the awareness

R.I.P. Gavyn

A fellow MUA lost someone important and asked for Blue/Black as a show of support for the lost of this angel,  My tribute.

Introducing Skincare!!!!

Rhea  Vegan Facial wash 

0.5oz $8.00 

1.75 oz. $15.00

Gaia  Moisturizer

1oz. $15.00

2oz. $24.00

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